LAI Baltimore Member Joe Nathanson’s Daily Record Column “A Baltimore optimist” – a tribute to former LAI Member, Martin L. Millspaugh, Jr.

With the approach of a new year, there is much unease about the state of the city. Crime, including homicides, remains at unacceptably high levels and places a cloud over efforts to invest in the city and its neighborhoods. Reports, both anecdotal and based on hard realities, suggest that many downtown businesses, notably restaurants and drinking establishments, are struggling to maintain patronage.

The sad state of the Orioles, once a point of pride for many Baltimoreans, reflected in lower attendance at games in Camden Yards, can be cited as another factor for reduced levels of visits to the city during the six-month baseball season. Even the process of recruiting and confirming a new police commissioner to provide new leadership for the troubled Baltimore City Police Department is contributing to a sense of instability.

In the course of going through and tossing out office papers to get ready for 2019, I came upon an item that I thought deserved another look. It was an op-ed column penned in September 2014 by Martin Millspaugh. The item caught my attention because of its conditionally optimistic headline – “A Baltimore renaissance? The city is seeing a surge in construction and interest from tourists” — and because we had recently lost Millspaugh, a longtime Roland Park resident who died at the age of 92.

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