Interested in Learning More about Baltimore Chapter?

Our membership in this Society continues the legacy of Richard T. Ely that began almost 90 years ago. If interested in learning more about our membership, or would like to nominate a candidate, queries may be directed to:

James S. Leanos, Vice President of Membership

The Chapter maintains an opt-in-only email list to announce future meetings and other upcoming events. If you would like to receive the e-Alerts, please contact:

Susannah Bergmann, President

We welcome your suggestions for presentation speakers, topics.  Please forward to:

Evans Paull, Vice President of Programs

Our Chapter’s founding member, a Past President, and our valuable Historian has a wealth of knowledge about LAI and our Chapter that he is more than willing to share with you if you have questions.

Josef Nathanson, Historian

Baltimore Chapter Treasurer’s Mailing Address:

Michael Lester, Treasurer
Colliers International
3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 105
Baltimore, MD 21211

Need LAI Headquarters Assistance?  Please contact:

Sheila Hamilton
Executive Director
Lambda Alpha International
PO Box 72720
Phoenix, AZ  85050