Membership Dues:

Our membership cycle follows the January – December calendar.

Dues are due by December 31st.

Our dues for “Active” and “Retired” Members of the Baltimore Chapter are:

Active Members  $350/year

Retired Members $262.50/year

Payment of Dues:

You have access to two websites, the Lambda Alpha International Headquarters and the Baltimore Chapter.  As a Chapter we have selected the  LAI Headquarters to handle all of the dues management.  They send out dues notices, collect payments and update status on the LAI website directory, and then provide the Chapter with its portion of the dues.

Quick sheet on “how to log in and renew your LAI membership dues”

Therefore, our members must log onto the Lambda Alpha International Headquarters website www. for the following:

  • pay your Baltimore Chapter & LAI membership dues each year;
  • access to full Member Directory of all LAI members in all chapters;
  • update your profile page;
  • review LAI Land Economics Gathering details and registration;
  • research Land Economics Foundation efforts and grant opportunities;
  • and read International and National industry news!

In the Fall of each year you will receive a “it’s time to renew your membership” email from the LAI International Executive Director Sheila Novak and will be directed to make your payment on the website. Dues are due by December 31st.

You will have a LAI username and password provided by Sheila Hamilton to access your LAI profile record on, and make your payment.

If you should need assistance, please contact:

Sheila Novak
Executive Director
Lambda Alpha International
PO Box 72720
Phoenix, AZ  85050
[email protected]

Since 1965 the Land Economics Foundation has supported a range of research, case study and community efforts applying land economics to human problems for a better future. For a short video featuring three of the recent grantees please click here.