Program Speakers Presentations & Scribe Reports


2024 5-15
Howard St Tunnel Redevelopment Project
Brandon Knapp, PE Sr. Director – Mid-Atlantic Construction CSX Transportation
Brandon Knapp PowerPoint
Michael Cordes May 2024 President’s Update

2024 4-17
Senior Housing Models with Jane Rohde, Principal, JSR Associates, Inc.
Jane Rohde’s PowerPoint
Michael Cordes April 2024 President’s Update

2024 3-20
West North Avenue Development Authority Comprehensive Development Plan
Chad Williams, Executive Director, West North Avenue Development Authority
Chad Williams’ PowerPoint Presentation
Michael Cordes March 2024 President’s Update

2024 2-21
Perkins Somerset Oldtown Transformation with Bart Harvey, Beatty Development Group
Michael Cordes February 2024 President’s Update

2024 1-17 Baltimore LAI: Baltimore’s Regional Tech Hub with Mark Anthony Thomas, Greater Baltimore Committee
Michael Cordes January 2024 President’s Update


2023 Baltimore LAI Calendar

2023 11-16 LAI Baltimore Annual Luncheon Meeting with P. David Bramble Managing Partner, Co-founder of MCB Real Estate

2023 10-18 LAI Baltimore: Maryland Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 with Stuart Kaplow, Esquire

2023 9-20 LAI Baltimore: Penn Station Redevelopment with Charlie Bond, Beatty Development and James Smith, Quinn Evans

2023 7-19 LAI Baltimore Summer Outing – Farming Inside the Beltway
       4 p.m. Plantation Park Heights Urban Farm, 3811 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD
       5 p.m. Hidden Waters Farm, 3250 Old Court Road, Pikesville, MD

2023 6-21 Joint Luncheon of the LAI Baltimore and LAI George Washington (DC) Chapters: The New Downtown Columbia with Greg Fitchett, Howard Hughes Corporation

2023 5-16 LAI Baltimore: Maryland Legislative Wrap Up With Senate President Bill Ferguson
President Nate Betnun LAI Updates – May 2023 Chapter Updates

2023 4-19 LAI Baltimore: Challenges of Funding Major Repairs at Condominiums, panel including LAI member Jerry Doctrow, Stephen Cleghorn, Tom Leibel, and David Fishman
President Nate Betnun LAI Updates – April 2023 Chapter Update
Article shared by Jerry Doctrow:Fannie Mae’s Secret Loan ‘Blacklist’ Includes 1,400 Buildings And Counting

2023 3-15 LAI Baltimore: Brad Rodgers, Executive Director of South Baltimore Gateway Partnership

2023 2-15 LAI Baltimore: Bree Jones, Founder of Parity, and Nneka N’namdi, COO and Founder of Fight Blight Bmore, discussed West Side Development

2023 1-18 LAI Member Evans Paull discuss his new book, Stop the Road Presentation
President Nate Betnun LAI Updates – LAI Baltimore January 2023 Chapter Update


2022 Baltimore LAI Calendar

2022 11-16 LAI Baltimore Annual Meeting with Jayson T. Williams, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mayson-Dixon Companies presentation

2022 10-19 LAI Baltimore: Tackling vacant housing stock in Baltimore with Regina Hammond & Sean Closkey ReBUILD Metro

2022 9-21 LAI Baltimore: Transportation Initiatives from Federal Stimulus Mike Kelly, Baltimore Metropolitan Council

2022 7-20 LAI Baltimore Summer Outing with Paul W. Ruppert, President & CEO, Baltimore Public Markets Corporation on the Lexington Market renovation

2022 6-15 LAI Baltimore: Planning for Net Zero with Joshua Galloway, Senior Project Manager, and Justin Iovenitti, Energy Engineer,

2022 5-20 LAI Baltimore: Downtown Baltimore Office Vacancies with Claudia Freeland Jolin, Vice President of Economic Development at Downtown Partnership of Baltimore and Lauren Hamilton, Chief Marketing Officer at the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore Zoom
President Nate Betnun LAI Updates May 2022

2022 4-20 LAI Baltimore: Chris Shorter, Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Baltimore
President Nate Betnun LAI Updates – April 2022

2022 3-16 LAI Baltimore: Alice Kennedy, DHCD Commissioner

2022 2-16 LAI Baltimore: A Deep Dive into the 2020 Census Data with Seema D. Iyer and Sara Paranilam Zoom presentation

2022 1-19 LAI Baltimore: Colin Tarbert, BDC President and CEO Zoom presentation


2021 Baltimore LAI Calendar

2021 12-8 LAI Baltimore Annual Dinner Meeting with Dan Henson Redeveloping Baltimore Presentation

2021 11-17 LAI Baltimore: JHU’s Mac McComas on Unlocking the Potential of Post-Industrial Cities Zoom presentation.

2021 10-10 LAI Baltimore: Academic Real Estate Education in the Baltimore/National Capital Area Panel Discussion Zoom presentation.

2021 09-15 LAI Baltimore: Donald Manekin, co-founder of Seawall Development in Baltimore discussing his new book, The Inside-Out Company: Putting Purpose and People First, a provocative challenge for leaders of every industry, written with Asha Myers Zoom presentation.

2021 08-18 LAI Baltimore: Dan Pontious “Wrestling with the Roots of LAIZoom presentation, PowerPoint.

2021 06-16 LAI Baltimore:  Jim Brown, Director, TrailNation for Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and Jeff La Noue, Special Projects Planner, Division of Comprehensive Planning, ‎Department of Planning, City of Baltimore: Greenway Trail Network Zoom presentation

2021 05-19  LAI Baltimore: Chip Lambertson, Whiting Turner and Michael Denise, Cushman & Wakefield: What’s Behind Soaring Construction Costs Zoom presentation

2021 04-21 LAI Baltimore: Jennifer Vey: Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Center for Transformative Placemaking at the Brookings Institution Zoom presentation, PowerPoint

2021 03-17 LAI Baltimore: Eileen Fogarty: Annapolis City Dock Zoom presentation, PowerPoint

2021 02-17 LAI Baltimore: Brian McLaughlin President, Communities Division, for Enterprise Community Development, Inc.

2021 01-19 LAI Baltimore: Don Fry, President and CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee: 2021 Maryland General Assembly Session


2020 Baltimore LAI Calendar

2020 12-09 Virtual Annual Meeting with Keynote Speaker Melody Simmons, Baltimore Business Journal.

2020 11-18 LAI Baltimore: Bill Cole, with Margrave Strategies: An Overview of the Pimlico Racetrack Redevelopment

2020 10-21 LAI Baltimore: Stephen J.K. Walters, Chief Economist at the Maryland Public Policy Institute “Yes, Baltimore Can Come Back, and Here’s How”: Power Point, Stephen Walters Article on Property Taxation

2020 09-16 LAI Baltimore: Klaus Philipsen  and Ethan Marchant, The Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 on Cities and Buildings, Zoom Presentation

2020 08-19 LAI Baltimore: MD-PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing for Commercial Properties in Maryland) with Jessa Coleman, PACE Financial Servicing, and Michael Billingsley, Greenworks Lending

2020 07- 22 Kevin Lindamood, MSW, President and CEO of Health Care for the Homeless and Dan McCarthy, Executive Director at Episcopal Housing Corporation

2020 06-17  LAI Baltimore: Alan Mallach, a Senior Fellow with the Center for Community Progress in Washington DC, on “Drilling Down in Baltimore’s Neighborhoods: Changes in racial/ethnic composition and income from 2000 to 2017”

2020 05-27 LAI Baltimore: Kevin Quinn, Maryland Transit Administration, on the Transit in Maryland and Its Effects on the State and Real Estate

2020 03-18 [rescheduled due to COVID19] LAI Baltimore: Stephen J.K. Walters, Chief Economist at the Maryland Public Policy Institute and the author of Boom Towns: Restoring the Urban American Dream

2020 02-19 LAI Baltimore: Charlie Duff, Jubilee and Author of The North Atlantic Cities


2019 Baltimore LAI Calendar

2019 11-20 Annual Dinner Meeting Program

2019 9-18 Chris Ryer, Community Development Strategies for Baltimore Scribe Report

2019 6-19 Nick Egelanian and Dana Valenti, The Future of Retail Presentation Scribe Report

2019 5-15 Nate Betnun and Emily Metzler Tif Presentation Scribe Report

2019 4-17 Brad Rogers South Baltimore Gateway Partnership Scribe Report

2019 3-20 Brian O’Malley Transportation Alliance Scribe Report

2019 2-27 Michael Lester and Ed Steere on Baltimore Commercial Real Estate Scribe Report

2019 1-16 Bob Lefenfeld and Abgail Ferretti on Residential Market Scribe Report


2018 Baltimore LAI Calendar

2018 11-14 LAI Batimore Annual Dinner Meeting Program

2018 10-17 LAI Baltimore Rental Assistance Demonstration Overview with John Maneval and Curtis Adams Scribe Report

2018 09-19 LAI Baltimore Economic Incentives for Development with Bill Struever Scribe Report

2018 06-20 LAI Baltimore Auxiliary Dwelling Units with Councilman Ryan Dorsey and Greg Cantori

2018 06-20 LAI Baltimore Greg Cantori Civic Works Tiny House Presentation

2018 05-16 LAI Baltimore Tim Pula Beatty Development Scribe Report

2018 02-21 LAI Baltimore Paul Shank Maryland Aviation Scribe Report

2018 02-21 LAI Baltimore Paul Shank Maryland Aviation Presentation

2018 01-17 LAI Baltimore Maryland Stadium Authority Gary McGuigan Scribe Report

2018 01-17 LAI Baltimore Gary McGuigan Maryland Stadium Authority Presentation


2017 Baltimore LAI Calendar

2017 11- 15 LAI Baltimore Annual Dinner Meeting Program

2017 10-18 LAI Baltimore Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors Al Ingraham Scribe Report

2017 10-18 LAI Baltimore Al Ingraham Housing Market Presentation

2017-09-20 LAI Baltimore Future of Retail Development Brian Gibbons Scribe Report

2017-09-20 LAI Baltimore Future of Retail Development Brian Gibbons Presentation

2017 08-22 Summer Outing at Sagamore Distillery and Nick’s Fish House

2017 06-21 LAI Baltimore Markets Robert Thomas and Michael Seipp Scribe Report

2017 06-21 LAI Baltimore Markets Part 1 Robert Thomas Public Markets Presentation

2017 06-21 LAI Baltimore Markets Part 2 Michael Seipp Hollins Market Presentation

2017-05-17 LAI Social Investment Dana Johnson, TRF

2017-04-19 LAI Baltimore Affordable Housing Brian Lopez James Riggs Osprey Property Scribe

2017 04-19 LAI Baltimore Affordable Housing James Riggs Brian Lopez

2017 03-29 LAI Baltimore Planning Department Overview Tom Stosur Scribe Report

2017 03-29 LAI Baltimore Transform Baltimore Presentation Tom Stosur

2017 02-15 LAI Baltimore Maker Spaces and CoWorking Amy Bonitz, Ilana Preuss Scribe Report

2017 02-15 LAI Baltimore Part 1 of 2 Presentation Recast City Ilana Preuss B

2017 02-15 LAI Baltimore Part 1 of 2 Presentation Recast City Ilana Preuss A

2017 02-15 LAI Baltimore Part 2 of 2 Presentation BARCO Amy Bonitz

2017 01-18 LAI Baltimore Rachel MacCleery ULI

2017 01-18 LAI Baltimore How Transportation Investments Can Build Healthier Places Scribe Report

ULI Cultivating-Development-Trends-and-Opportunities-at-the-Intersection-of-Food-and-Real-Estate

ULI Building-Healthy-Corridors

ULI Active-Transportation-and-Real-Estate-The-Next-Frontier


2016 Baltimore LAI Calendar

2016 11-16 Annual Dinner Meeting Program

2016-11-16-LAI Baltimore Sagamore Development Port Covington Scribe (w. pics)

2016 11-16 LAI Baltimore Caroline Paff Sagamore Presentation

2016-10-19-LAI Baltimore Metrocentre-at-owings-mills-scribe-report

2016-09-21-LAI Baltimore Redevelopment-efforts-in-howard-county-and-columbia-scribe-report

2016-09-21-LAI Baltimore Howard-Hughes-presentation-greg-fitchitt

2016-09-21-LAI Baltimore-Howard-County-mark-g-thompson

2016 07-20 LAI Baltimore Summer Outing MPA Port 101 Talking Points

2016 07-20 LAI Baltimore Summer Outing Port Tour Map Overview

2016-06-15 LAI Baltimore Federal Reserve Economic Outlook – Scribe report

2016 05-18 LAI Baltimore Gondola Scribe report

Urban Gondola Report

2016 05-18 LAI Baltimore Gondola presentation

2016 03-16 LAI Baltimore EBDI Development Initiative Presentation

2016 03-16 LAI Baltimore EBDI Development Initiative Scribe Report

2016 02-17 LAI Baltimore Transformation of Sparrows Point into Tradepoint Atlantic

2016 02-17 LAI Baltimore Tradepoint Atlantic

2016 01-20 Smart Growth America Scribe Report

2016 01-20 LAI Baltimore Smart Growth America Presentation


2015 Baltimore LAI Calendar

2015 11-18 LAI Baltimore Annual Dinner Meeting Program

2015 11-18 LAI Baltimore Development-Corporation-Presentation

2015 11-18 LAI Baltimore Development-Corporation-Overview

2015 10-28 LAI Baltimore The-Baltimore-Railway-Tunnels Scribe Report

2015 07-17 LAI Baltimore Summer Outing at the Centre Theatre with Charlie Duff

2015 06-17 LAI Baltimore The-North-Atlantic-City

2015 06-17 LAI Baltimore Luncheon Agenda with Charlie Duff, Jubilee

2015 05-20 LAI Baltimore CBRE-Real-Estate-Market-Update

2015 05-20 LAI Baltimore Luncheon Agenda with Bill Roohan, Bo Cashman, CBRE

2015 04-15 LAI Baltimore Green-Building-in-Baltimore-and-Beyond

2015 04-15 LAI Baltimore Luncheon Agenda with Stuart Kaplow

2015 3-18 LAI Baltimore Vacants to Value

2015 03-18 LAI Baltimore Luncheon Agenda with Jason Hessler, Vacants to Value

2015 02-18 LAI Baltimore Partnership-for-Building-Reuse

2015 02-18 LAI Baltimore Luncheon Agenda Jon Laria, Tom Liebel Building Reuse

2015 01-21 LAI Baltimore Immigration’s-Impact-on-Baltimore

2015 01-21 LAI Baltimore Chris Ryer, Southeast Community Development


2014 Baltimore LAI Calendar

2014 11-19 Annual Dinner Meeting Program

2014 10-15 Luncheon Agenda with Rick Diehl, Obrecht

2014 09-17 Luncheon Agenda Marco Greenberg, Beatty Development

2014 07-18 Summer Outing at Masonville Cove Urban Wilderness Conservation Area, Baltimore City

2014 06-18 Luncheon Agenda Claire Louder, Ellen Miller, Andy Scott, Peirce Magill

2014 05-21 Central MD Transportation Brian O’Malley Presentation

2014 05-21 Luncheon Agenda with Brian O’Malley, Central Transportation

2014 04-16 Luncheon Agenda with Jane Shaab, UM BioPark

2014 03-19 Opportunity Collaborative Presentation

Opportunity Collaborative Baltimore Regional Talent Devt Pipeline Study

2014 03-19 Luncheon Agenda with Michael Kelly, Opportunity Collaborative

2014 02-19 Rental Assistance Demonstration Peter Engel Scribe Report

2014 02-19 Luncheon Agenda with Peter Engel, Baltimore City Housing

2014 01-15 Luncheon Agenda with Alan Garten, Timothy Henderson


2013 11-19 Annual Dinner Meeting Program



2011 11-21 Annual Dinner Meeting Program

2011 May, June and July Public Private Partnerships Scribe Report

2011 May Jon Laria, MD Sustainable Growth Commission Scribe Report

2011 March Douglas McCoach RTKL Scribe Report


2010 Baltimore LAI Calendar

2010 11-15 Annual Dinner Meeting Program

2010 November Annual Dinner & Award Ceremony Scribe Report

2010 September Baltimore Port aboard the Sigsbee Scribe Report

2010 August with Mahon (Sandy) Apgar, IV Scribe Report

2010 July with R. Andrew Bauer Federal Reserve Scribe Report

2010 April with Tom Sadowski, Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore Scribe Report

2010 March with David Woodley-Wilson, Green Building Institute Scribe Report

2010 February with Bill Struever and Ackneil Muldrow Scribe Report


December 1996 LAI Baltimore Chapter Newsletter